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Groundhog Day 11:30 am EST

38 degrees out overcast….typical NE Ohio Spring day in the midst of Winter. This weather has sure put the kaibosch on my shoveling snow as there isn’t a flake in sight and I could really use the money now as taxes are due mid-month and I have so many outstanding debts my credibility is suffering. I guess this is what happens when you call for change. I might have to load up and start busking to supplement my income but it is so hard to make a chord on the acoustic since I whacked the tip of my ring finger off this past summer.I might have to lower the action so as to make it easier to play since I really don’t want to take my cool 80’s Yamaha Strat out in the elements and ruin it.

 Please pardon my last post and my poor attempt at a tirade driven poem. It is not the America I grew up with now. So many things changed since that fateful day. I am still prone to believe that a false flag scenario took place as so many engineers and architects have come out against the 911 report.  The man who had the inflatable failed to call me so I guess that went bye the bye. If I have to I can still make the 1 sheet marine ply boat only with a center or drop board as they seem to crab too much as well as being rather damned tippy. Well that’s all for now…off on errands  and see relatives today


Let’s see….t…

Let’s see….thoughts for today. I did write a pro-bono place in Fla. in another vain attempt to clear my legal situation and will watch the Hallatt Bros. film Punishment: A failed Social Experiment a little later this afternoon. I did happen to see on Yahoo news that a tribe in the Amazon that has had minimal contact has killed 1 and injured another. Brings to mind the book …At Play in the Fields of the Lord by Peter Mathiessen…I am not sure if I got his name right. A very good book! I highly recommend it as a read. One of the more memorable quotes in it was when the local Police Chief hired 2 mercenaries to attack the tribe so they could go in an grab their land. The town priest who was an advocate for the tribe asked one of the two mercs if attacking the Indians would pacify them and one answered No! But killing them will!

I am so tired of all the horseshit I’ve been through and as the doors close one by one and the financial noose tightens I am afraid of what I’ll do next. Social activism is out as the powers that be are closing those brave people down movement by movement. I think that ANARCHY like the author of ENDGAME is the only route we have left. It worked for the Jews by God in getting the U.K. out of Palestine. I just look at the state of the world since 911 and George”Born w/a Silver Foot in his Mouth” Bush started HSA and TSA and all these other alphabet soup orgs and their black-op shadow groups. The US is going to end up like Bloody London where you are always being monitored on CCTV and they can probably tell you how many squares of tissue you used in the loo. My God an unprecedented gutting of the Constitution and no end in sight. I laugh at these people who actually thought that Obama was going to change all of this. He is just another PAC.SIG flunky directed by the Rothschilds and Rockefellers of this poor planet. Very convenient for Bin Laden to end up in the drink eh? Sounds, pardon the pun, a little fishy to me!

     A little more on the Bush clan and their involvement in pushing the Federal Reserve through in Wilsons administration. Look here Woody they said…You enact this legislation and we’ll make sure you get elected. At least Wilson did apologize for that mistake before he bit the bullet. 

Too little too late we squealed, Controlled by Foriegn Bankers, Our dreams are dashed our fate is sealed, You greedy F**cking Wankers!            That lil’ gem was by yours truly…..


 Yes I am now an official raving conspiracy nut!  Until you’all prove me different!    Eloi!,Eloi!, Lamach Sabach Thanni.                  






Thank you for reading the rantings and ravings of a soon to be, quite insane, American who doesn’t want to be here. If it wasn’t for the poor state of my physical health I would join the FFL just to get out of this madness of a country. Since that is off the table I will have to go with plan A which is getting my boat into the water and sailing off to parts unknown. Who knows I might even visit France of where my family might be from originally. Around the Lay River region, as that is my surname. Everyone over here seems to dislike the French for one reason or another but I have never harboured any ill will towards the Republique or its people. Like history said if Napolean would of attacked a few hours earlier during the 100 days, “Le Monde” might’ve been a very interesting place. The Frenchman who has inspired me the most besides your great writers and philosophers has to be Bernard Moitessier. I have read his writings along with Sterling Hayden and other great sailors ie Conrad,Slocum and Harry Pidgeon of who’s grand-niece I am friends with. He was the 2nd man to solo-circumnavigate and built his own ship on the beaches of California by himself. In true Joshua Slocum tradition. Have a great day as I am off to find a mechanic today and look at an inflatable dinghy for my vessel.


There is no Justice in America

Private corporations are making Big Bucks by turning penal institutions into privately run jails with the States consent. This is wrong and soon we all will be incarcerated for some infraction or another just to justify shareholders in these Institutions. When you make a profit of misery be advised you will reap the whirlwind. As a nation we have more people behind bars than any other so called 1st World Societies and it’s all done in the name of profit. I should know as I was one of those persons and am and have been a fugitive from their so called justice from Florida by a infraction of my Probation. Yet Florida deemed me not CRIMINAL enough to warrant my extradition back but is happy in letting me be a non-person as long as I stay out of Florida. My VA benefits and Health Care have been taken away and I am struggling to keep my house in Ohio but I will not go willingly back there as I was almost killed while in their custody once and do not relish a repeat. I have tried for years to get this situation resolved with no progress. If anyone out there can give me some advice I would willingly listen as all my pleas for help has fallen on deaf ears. Yes I am quite literally MaroonedinOhio but let me either get this straightened out once and for all and I would willingly leave this country and become another Phillip Nolan than rot in jail. The pirates on the island of Madagascar in the Golden Age had the only true Democracy. Libertalia was it’s name but it went by the by as any real attempt at true democracy does. Rule by the Haves over the Have-Nots. I’m a 99%er or seriously a faction within a fraction.

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